Sunday, January 31, 2010

Looking for a Home

Well we have been in Escondido for 3 months now, and apartment living is acutally O.K. It is so much better than when we moved to Seattle and we had 5 people living in an apartment with one bathroom and no furniture, we learned our lesson with that one. So other than it is small and I do miss some of my stuff as each day passes we are doing well. We have some of our own furniture, and two bathrooms and it is very cozy, we are in Honeymoon mode!

We have been searching for the perfect home and since no one wants to sell us a home contingent on us selling our home we are kind of at a stand still. We know that someone will find our home in Seattle perfect for them so we thought we were playing the waiting game. Then we ran into a builder who said they would accept a contingent offer and we are so excited.

HERE IS THE DEAL: There was a builder who bought some land and developed it and built a model home, then went bankrupt. The land has been sitting there for a while and a Builder named Centex Builders came in and bought it. They are going to put 30 homes there but are waiting until they sell most of the homes in the subdivision they are working on now. They think this will happen the middle of February. So we have to wait until they release this new subdivision and then hope we can be one of the first ones to make an offer on a home. They will be willing to take an offer contingent on us selling our home in Seattle so that would give us approximately 7 or so months to sell our home, which we are sure will happen. That will give Lolly and Josh time to figure out what they are doing and let the perfect buyers find our home!

So we are very excited and can hardly wait to get the call from Centex letting us know we can come in and put an offer down. I am trying hard not to think about the things I miss that are sitting in my home in Seattle but looking ahead to an amazing future in a beautiful new home.

I just wanted to let everyone know where we were at and I took some pictures of the model home so that you can all see what it looks like so you can get excited for us too!


  1. I LOVE it! Thanks for posting pictures up so we can get excited for you! I hope you get the call soon so you can get your offer in! Keep us posted! I love you Mom!

  2. This house looks amazing. Truly. It's beautiful. I can't wait for everything to shift--us out of the Seattle house, someone else here, and you guys there. I hate being in a holding pattern! But, I promise we're not sabotaging sales by leaving dirty diapers in the corners or anything ;-). Lolly has kept the place immaculate. We feel like we're living in the lap of luxury.

    We miss you guys a lot.