Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Visit to San Diego

Our first visitors to San Diego were Kammie, Rhys, Gavin and Katie. Poor Kammie and Katie had to sleep on the couch, while Gavin and Rhys got the second bedroom. It was the first time Rhys and Gavin and slept together so it was an interesting experience for everyone. All in all I think everyone had a good time.

Rhys decided that he wanted to check out MeMaws computer instead of sleeping one night and we found him playing a coloring game while standing in Gavin's pack-in-play. We truly thought putting the pack-in-play in front of the computer would keep him from getting to the computer. Oh how we were wrong! Gavin slept right through all the fun of having Rhys climb all over him and it was pretty funny. What I can't figure out is how Rhys knew how to get to the coloring game in the first place. I didn't even know I had one on my computer and have yet been able to find it. Why does that not surprise me! Other than that little incident, Rhys and Gavin seemed to get along just fine sleeping in the same room, and I think Kammie and Katie managed on the couch without any complaints.

We took Rhys to the beach and he loved it. He chased the seagulls and the waves with the help of Aunt Katie and Mommy and I sat on the sand with Gavin. It really was fun to see him running after those birds trying to catch one. He was so little that when the waves would come they would have to lift him up so he wouldn't get all wet. It will be fun to come back in the summer when he can actually swim and enjoy the sun.

We took a trip to the Mall because I hadn't been yet. It is pretty funny actually because from the outside it looks really small, but you go inside and it is huge. Three floors and every kind of store you can imagine, including a Brighton Store which I love. It has a little train that you can ride on with the kids that goes all along the bottom main floor. I was like in shock! I feel much better now knowing that I have shopping so close! I know that sounds silly but everyone should live close to a nice Mall!!!! You never know when you need a little pick-me-up from a good shopping day at the Mall.

Rhys really liked going to the hot-tub while Poppa watched Gavin. Of course that didn't last very long before Gavin realized that his Mom had deserted him. Rhys was not too happy that he had to leave his own little pool to go back inside but we finally convinced him that he would be able to come back another day.

I was happy that they could come for the weekend, and Rhys now calls this MeMaw's and Poppa's little house. I can't wait for everyone else to come for a visit!

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  1. I'm so glad they were able to come visit! And, I am excited to get to see this three floor mall sometime! It's sounds fun! Great picture choices too! You all look great! Love you Mom!