Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Here in San Diego

First off I have to make a disclaimer. I am a terrible speller so please do not judge me by my spelling. Thank you! Oh yes I also like to capitalize everything, it makes it seem more special, so don't laugh at me, Okay!

Well Kaitlyn set me up with a Blog so that I could keep everyone updated. I figured that this would be easier for all of the family to hear about what is going on instead of me trying to call everyone. So here it is my first Blog:

Getting to this point in San Diego was harder and easier than I thought it would be. I took each day as it came and tried to get through or by each hurdle that presented itself. First we found an apartment. I hope I can figure out how to download the pictures so that you can see it. That was pretty easy. Lolly found it for us before we left Seattle and when we got here we looked it up along with a few others but this one was by far the best choice. I then had to fly to Salt Lake to go to the Christmas Show with my Mom and Sisters, and Kammie and Mickelle and Kaitlyn. That was fun but a little stressful, I knew that I was going to have to go back to Seattle and pack up the things I wanted to take with me to San Diego and I would only have 3 days to do it. But the Christmas Show was a big success, minus the night we thought Kaitlyn had lost her purse, and Scott's car breaking down so Mickelle had to leave early. (Ask me about that later) but overall a fun time was had by all, and a lot of cute things were purchased, along with a lot of samples tasted.

Christmas Show done, check it off my list! Now on to Seattle. When I got to Seattle I found that Lolly had packed a lot of my stuff up, so that she could put her stuff away. That was a big help, but I did spend the three days I was there packing and giving lots of hugs to Anna who kept telling me how much she loved having me there. I was dreading this little adventure but it wasn't as bad as I though it was going to be. Even picking up the U-Haul was easier than I had anticipated, I only ran over one curb getting it home. MANY, MANY, people came from the Ward to help us pack up the truck and to tell us good-bye. It was a very bitter-sweet day as we said good-bye to so many wonderful friends, it is hard to believe that we won't be a part of their life's anymore. We have truly loved living in the Crestwood Ward and serving the wonderful people there.

Packing up and Loading the Truck, check it off my list! Michael and I like to drive so the drive to California wasn't looking like it would be to big of an ordeal for me, but Michael was the one driving that truck and pulling my WOW car behind it. Just as a little note here, you should have seen me drive the car up on the dolly I was pretty proud of myself, but the real feat was climbing down from the dolly, I am sure I looked like a complete idiot or at least a clumsy old woman! But all was good and we started off to California. The drive was uneventful other than one stop were we weren't sure we were going to get out of the parking lot of a Wendy's but we made it out and no one or car was hurt. California here we are!!!

Drive to San Diego, check it off my list! Now all that was left to do is un-pack the U-Haul. I was not looking forward to that. I spent a day unloading a few things by myself, while I waited for Kaitlyn's mattress to be delivered, and then Mike and I started unloading while we waited for some members of our new ward to come and help. After unloading for a half an hour people started to arrive and help. I was a little worried about my bedroom mirror and the TV but all arrived safe and sound except for the missing table legs that went missing for a day. We finally found them hiding in the truck with all of the pads. (I guess they didn't want to move to California) But all was good and it only took me 2 days to unpack and get orgainized.
Unload Truck and Unpack, check it off my list! Now we had to get through Thanksgiving. Kaitlyn showed up the same day we moved in and helped us put her bed togher, and the computers together before we all collapsed into bed. It was fun having Kaitlyn there with us and she was a lot of help. We showed her around Escondido and I took her to Boston Market for Chicken (my favorite) and also to Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt (My other favorite). Michael got to to introduce her to everyone at work and we really had a good time. We checked out the excercise room and the hot-tub and went to Claim Jumper for Thanksgiving Dinner. Michael was a realy trouper and went with us all day on Friday as we gathered up many bargains for Christmas. Then on Saturday we took Kaitlyn to Disneyland for her Birthday. It was such a fun day. Mike and I rode on all of the rides with Katie and we had the famous Monte Cristo sandwiches for dinner. A fun time was had by all! I was very sad to see Katie go back to school, but I could cross another thing off of my list.
Thanksgiving finished, Kaitlyns Birthday finished, check it off my list! Now all of my time was spent on working on Christmas. I made all of the kids a book of Christmases in the past with all of my extra pictures. I had a lot of fun doing it but it took a little bit of time and I was worried that I wasnt' going to get it done, but everything worked out and everyone got their book. I was a little stressed about Christmas because I knew that Lolly couldn't decorate the house without me and I knew that I wasn't going to get their until the 7th and also I hadn't really boughten anything for anyone (other than the things I had picked up during the year) so I was a little worried about how everything was going to come together. I said good-bye to Michael after only being in San Diego for two weeks.
Well I want to write about Christmas but I want to add some pictures and I need to figure out how to do that other than at the top of the Blog if that is possible. Where are all my Blogging children when I need them. So you will all have to wait for Blog number two "Last Christmas in Seattle"


  1. I LOVE this Mom! It sounds just like you and its great reading about all the little details I hadn't heard about yet. I can't wait to hear all about Christmas! Love you! Oh this is Kammie by the way. =)

  2. I was excited to see your blog, Mom! I'm glad I get to keep updated with your life. We love you and miss you!

  3. YAY! You finally got your blog! I loved reading about your adventures these past couple of months! I hope you can stay on top of it!

    Oh, and the pictures. Just download them and once they're on your page just left click and drag them where you want them to go. It's super easy! I love you Mommy!

  4. great to see you have a blog Deena. I started one a year and half ago...great way to journal what's going on with your family. It was great to read how things are going. I have a blog too...add me to yours. It's http://whittynews.blogspot.com