Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas in Seattle

Okay I tried to find a picture of Mike and I from Christmas and there wasn't one. I am very distressed about that. It has finally come to that. We are more concerned about the grandkids and kids then being together. I know that sounds stupid but I am very sad that there isn't one picture of us together, so anyway at the risk of offending any of my other children I decided to put Katie and Mike up of which Katie is going to hate and then I just realized I should have put one of the grandkids up, so that will be the next picture. Sorry Kammie that Rhys and Gavin are not in the picture, that would have been so cute. We really missed you guys and not just because of Rhys and Gavin.
So three and a half weeks away from Michael was hard and I missed him a lot, but we did have fun. First of all Katie, Lolly, Anna and Olivia and myself all got to go to Portland for Mazie's Birthday. We all had a lot of fun playing games and the cake Kimmie made was amazing. We then went to Chuck E Cheese for pizza and fun with the girls. We didn't get to stay as long as we wanted though because there was an ice storm on the way and I didn't want to get caught in it going back to Seattle, but it was fun and we knew we would be seeing the Kimmie, Mazie and Aftynn in just a week so saying Good-bye wasn't so hard. Just as a side note here I did win the prize for getting the most balls in the ball trapper. I know you all think I am very competitive

but the truth is that I just like to win prizes! I thought the Party hats were a nice touch! And Mazie and Anna had so much fun together.

So after our visit to Portland things were pretty low key until Kimmie came to Seattle a week later. I worked on Christmas Books, which I still hadn't finished we did a little bit of shopping, and we tried to keep the house clean, just in case someone came by who might want to look at it. Of course no one did and we finally gave up on trying to keep it clean, and by the time everyone came and we had Christmas it looked like a hurricane had blown through there, but it was all put back together by the time I left. One of the best times we had was going to Koolon Beach on a Monday Night to see the Christmas lights. Anna and Viva were so cute. We had clam chowder at Ivars and then walked through the park at looked at all of the lights. There were some lighted Dancing Clams which Anna did not like, she said they were scary, and I have to admit they were kind of freaky looking, but all of the rest of the lights were beautiful. It was really a fun time and I wish everyone could have been there with us.

We did have a fun shopping day but we had to take the girls with us, so that put a bit of a damper on the shopping experience, but Josh did watch the girls after he got home from work and we got to go out for a nice dinner just the four of us. We really did miss Mickelle and Kammie though. It was wierd not having them with us. Hopfully in two years we will all be able to leave those babies behind and all six of us spend the day together and not come home until midnight. One can always hope!

We had lots of fun making chocolate covered cinnamon bears (which I did dip in the famous Lockhart Chip Dip just to see if what we have always suspected was true) which is that everything tastes better with "The Dip" on it. Strangely enough the cinnamon bears were pretty good dunked in a little bit of Dip. Everyone thought I was crazy but hey, how will you know if you don't try. I have to say though this was a very strange Christmas. All of us are on diets and so we decided not to make a lot of junk. So we only made one batch of Fudge. I refrained from making caramels even though they are my favorites. Of course I have to admit that I probably would have made them if it hadn't involved getting the Caramel Microwave from the Garage which is hidden behind many, many boxes. So anyway we had fudge, cinnamon bears, the famous DIP and cheeseball, so we really weren't hurting for things to eat. But I am proud to say that most of us did not gain any weight over this Christmas Holiday and those who did know who you are! And I have to say that every Christmas we make all this candy which Michael likes but his real true love is cookies, so we made a couple of batches of Sugar Cookies which all of the girls loved helping with, and Poppa loved eating.

As I am typing this I realize that I could write pages and pages of stuff and that really wasn't the point to this, but to just keep everyone informed of how we are doing. Christmas was fun and sad. It was good to be home with most of my kids, but we truly missed Kammie, Steven, Rhys and Gavin, and it was hard knowing that it would be our last Christmas in our Home in Seattle. Lolly did a good job of decorating but it wasn't the same as all of my 35 boxes of Christmas decorations, which was probably a good thing in the long run because keeping those babies away from the just the presents under the tree was quite the ordeal. So it was fun to be with family but sad to know that another part of our lifes was coming to an end.

I was so glad that Scott, Mickelle and Betsy made it safe and sound and it was fun coming down the stairs to find Betsy sitting on the floor saying MeMaw! Scott said, Christmas Eve, as we were getting presents out and ready that this was a very PINK Christmas. All of those 5 grandaughters, with all of their baby dolls and strollers and pink and lavender blankets what a sight it was. It was a PINK Christmas.

Christmas Day was very fun as we opened presents then stopped to have breakfast and then continued opening presents, then stopped to put babies down form naps and then continued opening presents. It was the Christmas that never ended, and it wasn't because we all had so many presents because we didn't, we just all seemed to be enjoying the day and I was enjoying each moment and trying to engrave it in my memory. I think that a wonderful Day was had by everyone, I know that I will always remember our Last Christmas in Seattle.



  1. You did a great job with that post Mom! I'm glad you figured out how to do everything. I know it's hard when we're all away from you, but you can always call me with more questions if they come up!

    SO, I thought I gained weight over Christmas but it turns out I didn't...I was just bloated. It made my day. I love you Mommy!

  2. what a great day Deena! I am sure you loved having nearly all your kids there for Christmas..your grandkids are so cute!

  3. Hmmm... I don't know if I gained or not, but I kind of hope so. But only kind of.

  4. I loved reading this.. but I have to say my favorite thing was the very last sentence. I missed you guys too!